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The Flood Fighters Water Is your Monrovia home at risk for water damage?

Water damage is one of the most common and costly threats to homeowners in different locations world wide. It is generally caused by flooding that mainly occur due to natural disasters such as heavy rains, hurricanes, rapidly melting snow, flash floods, or simply, rain water, burst pipes, and leaking roofs. For many homeowners, finding a home that is located in an area that is not prone to natural disaster has become a major factor that will determine whether they can purchase a home or not. So how do you determine that a home is at risk to water damage from a natural disaster?


Naturally, houses located in low lying areas are at the highest risk of flood damage. This is especially true if a home is located near water bodies, downstream from a dam or behind a levee. Monrovia for example, which is located at the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains CA, is at risk of experiencing flash floods which greatly increases the chance for water damage in your home. Such places always experience flooding when there are heavy rains or rapid melting of ice. If a house has been reinforced or, has been elevated, chances are that the house will be protected from the effects of floods especially water damage.

You can also determine that a home is at risk of flood water if its location has been marked as a flood risk area. You can always find out this information from online sources, library books, weather stations or the nearest environmental watch center. Even though flooding has not occurred in Monrovia in 1938, then chances are that it might happen again.

If you find that most homes have sealed basement walls with waterproofing compounds, or they have barriers constructed to stop water from entering the house, it is an indication that the location is prone to flooding. You will also be able to determine the risk of flooding a house is bound to face once you look into the local laws. This is because most towns like Monrovia have a set of rules that regulate the manner in which a house should be constructed, to prevent the risks of flooding.

Additionally, an individual should be able to determine if a house is at risk of water damage if it has leaking roof, broken pipes and very poor drainage systems. Water damage can take place over a long period of time- even after the flooding, and sometimes may be hard to identify until it is too late.

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