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The Flood Fighters Water Preventing flood damage in Agoura Hills

The city of Agoura Hills is frequently affected by water damage and flooding problems. Natural disasters like flooding can happen anytime without warning. When flooding water approaches to homes, it can cause substantial damage. Following are some of the things that can be done to reduce water damage.

All sewer openings like sinks, showers, toilets, flood drains should be capped to prevent sewer backup. To cap wooden plugs, caps or expandable plugs can be used. A thoroughly tested, cleaned and gas-powered sump pump can be used. The discharge hose of the sump pump should send the water far away from the house to a drained area in the Agoura Hills. However, there are some legal restrictions for using sump pump in rural and urban areas that should be considered before using.

A list of special belongings should be made in advance so that those items cannot be missed at the time of emergency. Important documents such as bank/insurance papers, cash, items with special sentiments, photo albums, personal videos, high value electronic items, all-important contact numbers etc. should be kept in polythene and stored upstairs. Also make a copy of all those important documents and shift them in some another area where flood is not likely to happen. A personal and remote backup should be made of all the important data from laptop/PC. All the hazardous material can be moved to higher locations. Anyone who is living in a flood-prone area should cover all necessary things with flood insurance. This insurance covering might be expensive but it is indispensable.

The building should be elevated and strengthened using methods of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) website. Gutters should be cleaned regularly and debris should be kept off so the floodwater can flow freely. Electrical panels should be raised to an area where flooding water cannot reach. One should have up-to-date knowledge of changing weather and dams at emergency times. Knowledge of local emergency evacuation plans can help immensely.

Basement walls should be sealed with some waterproofing compound because if there is shifting it might allow seepage. To prevent the flow of water sand bags should be placed around the house building. The bags should be stacked across the most possible areas of water flow. This arrangement should be made in such a way that it diverts water flow away from the building.

Non-returnable valves can be installed throughout the building. They allow water to flow in only one direction and blocks rising of the water. Kitemark approved flood protection products and suggestions can be used from Kitemark website and flood forums. One should learn the quickest way to switch off electric and gas supply in the time of emergency.

A flood emergency pack can be prepared in advance that contains items like food, water, torch, necessary clothing, boots, gloves, medication, important contact numbers, etc.

For every homeowner in Agoura Hills, water damage is a major problem and dealing with it requires strenuous efforts. This checklist can prepare anyone to minimize water damage impact on homes and families.

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