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The Flood Fighters Water Check Your Home for Water Damage from Roof Leaks

Water DamageWater damage from a roof leak can be quite serious, but the worst thing about it is that it might not be apparent until it has become extensive and costly to fix. It’s also rather easy for a homeowner to hide this sort of problem from the view of those interested in purchasing the home. If you’ve recently bought a new house or gone through a wet season, make sure to have it thoroughly checked for any damaging roof leaks. And if you find any, be sure to call your Orange County restoration service right away to prevent the damage from going further. At Flood Fighters, we can help you clean up the stains and mildew so that the structure of your home can stay sturdy.

How to Find Roof Leaks

It can be difficult to locate a roof leak because traces of running water probably won’t match up vertically with the origin of the leak. You can check the roof itself to see whether any portion of the roofing material shows signs of decay. You should also check the rubber seals around various vents (known as “boots”), ridge caps, gaskets around pipes, gutters, dormer valleys and anywhere else that might harbor a leak. Examine your attic thoroughly for signs of water damage and shine a flashlight on the walls to make any moisture readily apparent.

Don’t Let it Fester

If you notice any signs of roof leakage at all, don’t just leave it as is. The wood in and under your roof could weaken to the point where you might need to replace the entire roof. To save yourself money and stress, take the time to get it fixed right away. Your friends the Flood Fighters are ready to give you the comprehensive repair services you need to control water damage and keep your house protected. Just contact us at 855-701-6111.

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