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The Flood Fighters Water Sewage Removal: Trust an Expert

Sewage RemovalSewage water, caused by backups and leaks, can cause major problems in a home. The health of the occupants may be negatively impacted due to exposure to mold and bacteria. A home may require expensive repair work the longer the problem persists. The experts at Flood Fighters are available 24/7 to help with sewage removal.

What Causes a Sewage Back-up?

A sewage backup can be caused by the buildup of debris, including paper towels, hair, tampons and other garbage. Tree roots can also infiltrate sewer pipes and block waste water flow. Roots can be attracted to sewer lines because they are a constant source of water. Oil and grease that is poured down a sink can cause sewer problems as well. When it solidifies in the sewer system and builds up, it can plug the sewer line. If you have any of these problems, Orange County flood restoration can help.

Turn to the Sewage Cleaning Experts

Cleaning a home after a sewage leak requires a knowledgeable restoration team. The impacted areas should be closed off so any contamination does not spread. The longer the problem persists, the larger the sewage removal project may be and the more costly the damage. Absorbent areas that have been exposed to the sewage, such as carpet and upholstery, will need to either be washed in hot water or disposed of carefully.

Contact Professionals

Sewage water in a home can cause major issues. Contact Flood Fighters at 855-701-6111 when your sewage system is not working properly. Our professional technicians are available round the clock to take care of sewage removal.

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