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The Flood Fighters Water Damage Restoration
The Flood Fighters Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

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The Flood Fighters Water Water Damage Cleanup

Floods can cause major water damage to homes, cities and can also cause human damage; that is, it is a highly emotional and exhausting event. Once the flood waters have died down, and you’re able to get into your home, there are certain things that need to be done as soon as possible.

First, turn off the electricity at the main breaker or fuse box. When cleaning up areas that have been flooded, be sure to wear protective clothing; if possible waterproof clothing and rubber boots. You need this kind of clothing to prevent you from being exposed to sewage. Water removal is a complex process, and you will need help from professionals.

Another important thing to do is to contact the Department of Health. They can give you helpful advice on what to do, and they can also give you special rubber gloves to help with the cleanup.

As you’re cleaning and checking out your home, look at the baseboards around the house. With the dampness that remains from the flooding, that can get moldy and begin to rot. Repair work may be needed here to ensure that the house remains sound.

When you’re doing cleanup with items in your home be sure to use bleach. Some suggest using one part bleach to 9 parts of water. Any items that you cannot use anymore bag them up and put them into the garbage.

It is also very important to contact your insurance agent to discuss flood damage and to discuss claims. Contractors also need to be hired for cleanup and repairs. When contacting contractors be sure to always ask for references. Keep in mind, after flooding, there are unscrupulous people roaming through devastated sites and looking for easy money; people who are not licensed and qualified for this kind of work.

During this process, it is important to take care of your health. Going through this kind of disaster, takes a toll on a person or family. It is important to take breaks through the process, get some rest and make sure that you eat nutritious food so that your body can stay healthy. Some have found that by keeping a good schedule and doing one job at a time, that the process goes better, with less stress. When possible keep away from flood or water that has backed up.

Once you have cleaned up your home and you feel satisfied that it is clean enough to go into and before you take off your rubber gloves, get rid of or sanitize any clothing that you or your family wore during cleanup. That would apply to rubber gloves you wore, also. Any buckets or other materials that were used during cleanup, be sure to disinfect them, too. Be sure to wash your hands often and with disinfectant soap, if needed.

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