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The Flood Fighters Water Water Damage Restoration for Hardwood Floors

If you have ever had water damage on a hardwood floor, it is likely you were told by professionals that the only option was to rip up the entire floor and replace it. This has been the standard practice for water damage restoration companies, but it is no longer the only option. Many water damage restoration services are now equipped with advanced equipment that can indeed salvage hardwood flooring without having to go to the expense of completely replacing it.

Save Your Existing Hardwood Floors

If you experience a flood or other water damage in your home, make sure to ask about the new methods to dry out hardwood floors before you agree to allow a water damage restoration professional to rip up the floor. It may save you some money in the long run if you are able to find a water damage restoration company that has this new equipment to dry out your hardwood floor rather than just replacing.

It is important that you immediately call a professional to asses the floor as soon as possible because your chances of saving your wooden floor through water damage restoration are determined by how quickly action is taken. Buckling will occur at some point, which just means the nails holding your wood down to the floor start to go through the floor beneath. This causes the wood on the top surface to buckle down and once this happens, you may not have any option at that point but to completely pull it all up and rebuild it.

What makes hardwood floors so difficult to dry out properly compared to other surfaces, is that moisture gets trapped between the bottom of the wood and the subfloor below, which means the bottom part of the floor does not dry out as quickly as the top of the wood. This causes the bottom part to expand which in turn pushes the corners upward, causing it to buckle. Once this starts to happen there usually will be no way to save your hardwood floor.

Time is Your Enemy. Act Fast!

The new developments that many water damage restoration companies, such as Flood Fighters, are now offering can suck up the water from underneath a hardwood floor before this buckling process starts to happen, allowing the wood to dry out evenly on top and bottom. This new technology has changed the water damage restoration procedures so that a wet wooden floor is no longer a guaranteed loss. Homeowner’s who often assume they have ruined their flooring are often very happy to hear that there are other alternatives.

The key to water damage restoration for hardwood flooring is calling upon a water damage restoration professional as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.

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