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The Flood Fighters Water The health dangers of water damage in Costa Mesa

If water damage isn’t treated quickly in Costa Mesa, it could lead to serious health risks. There are four things that are required to make molds grow: spores, sufficient nutrients, proper temperatures, and abundant moisture. Unfortunately, there is virtually nothing that humans can do to effectively control the first three. That is why when places like Costa Mesa get flooded, the prevalent water damage is able to supply the final requirement, and molds begin to grow like wildfire. If left unchecked, these moldy growths could lead to health problems for the occupants, and a damaged home that is severely devalued.

The health effects of mold stem from the fact that they can be inhaled and even ingested quite easily. The spores, measuring about 3 to 40 microns, are much smaller than a human hair’s width (100-150 microns), making them very light and easily taken by the air. That is why the most common symptoms are coughing, sneezing, and upper respiratory infections. People who wade through flood waters that have significant spore load can also develop sore throat and skin and eye irritations.

Molds can also add to the destruction that flood waters wreak on a house. That is because the growth rate of mold increases with increasing water activity. Adding insult to that is the fact that molds can grow on most common building materials like wood, wallpaper, rugs, or curtains. Plus, not all molds grow slowly. Their growth rates range from about 4 days to 3 weeks, making homes that have been sunk in flood waters especially vulnerable, their supports being slowly eaten away by mold growth while the waters subside.

In nature, molds aid in the decaying process of organic matter. That is not a good fact when applied to a house. When molds compromise your home’s structural integrity, that means additional expenses for home repair. Some parts of the house may not be saved, while the others, even though they may be saved, are already partially weakened, and will severely limit the value of your house should you try to sell it.

If you put together the health and destructive effects that molds can inflict, that can quickly add up to become a major financial and psychological burden. That is why when flooding hits your house, your concerns should extend to more than just the water damage. Major inspection and cleanup should be done as soon as possible to prevent further problems. Replacement materials that inhibit mold growth should also be considered. That way, living in a flood prone area need not be as problematic as it could be otherwise. If you have experienced flood damage in Costa Mesa please call us now at (949) 427-6515.

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