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The Flood Fighters Water Protecting your pets from water damage in Pasadena.

All living creatures need water to survive, but when that water causes damage to our homes, the health risks can be dangerous and water can become the enemy. Water damage in a home is the leading cause of microbial contamination. Bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus can quickly inhabit and spread. If this goes unrepaired, it can result in serious consequences to our health and the health of our pets with which we share our homes.

Water damage is often unseen and can go unnoticed for a long time posing potential health risks for inhabitants including our furry friends, who may be first to show symptoms. The likelihood and severity of these symptoms depend largely upon two key factors. The first is the quality of the water that causes the deterioration. There are three classifications of water: clean, grey and black. Black obviously has the highest risk factor due to increased bacteria and contamination risk. The second factor is the length of time that passes before restorative actions occur. Quite simply, the sooner it is caught and amended, the better.

Homes built in areas near the ocean like in Pasadena are more susceptible to floods, storms, increased moisture and other occurrences that can cause destruction to our homes. For these reasons, homeowners in Pasadena and similar cities need to be even more pro-active in checking their homes for flood damage. Just looking in open and obvious areas is not enough.

Most often detection occurs in unison when the onsets of certain symptoms begin. In many cases, these symptoms first occur in our pets. Pets are usually the first to frequent corners, darker areas and hiding places not usually favored by their human counterparts. Chronic sinusitis, neurological deficits, coughing, wheezing, nose bleeds, trouble breathing, fatigue and skin lesions are just a few symptoms that can point to water damage in the home. If you notice any combination of these symptoms in you or your pets, please seek medical attention immediately.

Make a plan to check key areas regularly. You can detect signs by checking you water meter regularly, inspecting around window and doorframes for discoloration. Check your attic for water pools, increase moisture and discoloration. Appliances should also be regularly inspected. This includes checking dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks and washing machines for any signs of dripping or leaking.

Being pro-active and checking these things on a routine basis will not only save your home in Pasadena from possible structural problems and costly and time consuming repairs, but it will also spare you and your pet the health risks that could otherwise cause permanent damage. If you need assistance with water damage in Pasadena please call us at  805-619-0573.

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