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The Flood Fighters Water Water damage cleanup in Burbank

Water damage that occurs from a flood can be destructive and time consuming and if one does not react quickly, a person’s health can be harmed and a great deal of money will be required to repair the home. If the damage from a flood is not taken care of quickly there are several things that can happen such as mold and mildew forming on your walls, furniture and all other parts of your home in Burbank.

If standing water remains in a building longer than 48 hours, bacteria, viruses and of course, mold will begin to form and if inhaled, could put you and your family at risk for lung disease and could also cause allergic reactions. In addition, if a person spends too much time in this risky condition, there is also the probability of infectious diseases spreading such as pneumonia, the flu and tuberculosis.

Also, after a flood there is also the potential of dust mites, cockroaches and asthma forming; especially for those who are sensitive and susceptible to these health conditions.

For those involved with the cleanup after a flood some may inhale certain contaminants, which could lead to lung disease. And, when dealing with this kind of stressful condition, it could put an additional strain or those who have been ill for awhile or seniors who suffer from respiratory conditions.

In addition, anything that has been damaged beyond use should be discarded and any moisture that is left and not found, could cause germs to grow and could cause other health conditions such as various allergic reactions.

It is important to note that if a person comes in contact with air or water that is in the home and the air has certain impurities such as microorganisms, he or she can become sick.
So, to prevent illnesses and damage to furniture and walls, quick steps should be taken to stop and then get rid of the water, then protect family members, find out how much in your home has been contaminated, find out how far the water damage has spread and then begin the clean up.

The major steps to a clean up are:

1.Finding out what has been damaged

2.Protecting anyone who has been exposed to the water damaged materials

3.Clean and dry out articles that can be dried

4.Remove items that cannot be dried—especially items that cannot be safely and successfully cleaned

5.Then,repair all areas so that another flooding to your home can be prevented, as much as possible.

To conclude, for flood damage information, check out the many services offered in Burbank.

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