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The Flood Fighters Water Is your Redondo Beach property covered for water damage?

Homeowners in Redondo Beach have to protect their investment from water damage. A homeowners insurance policy may not protect against certain losses, so it is important to choose a plan that covers a variety of situations. Natural disasters and accidents are unpredictable, leaving property owners very vulnerable if they do not have good insurance plan.

As little as an inch of standing water can cause major problems for a structure. Mold growth is the biggest immediate danger, as well as the structural damage that can be done to walls, flooring, and insulation. It can be very costly to take care of the problems caused by water. Many insurance policies will offer protection in the event of a burst pipe in the home. This could be the result of inclement weather or a defect in the piping system. An appliance in the home may break and leak, causing water damage to the surrounding area. Insurance might cover the cost of replacing ruined personal items, but it may not pay for the replacement of the appliance itself.

There are homeowners insurance policies in Redondo Beach that specifically exclude certain events from coverage. This may include water seepage, flooding from overflowing or backed up sewage systems, and flash floods. Flood insurance is completely separate from a basic home insurance policy. Flood damage can be extensive, and many insurers are not willing to cover costs for properties located in low lying areas that are prone to flooding. Homes situated near bodies of water come with a certain expectation that flooding can and will occur in the event of inclement weather conditions.

It is interesting to note that there are certain important distinctions made by insurers as to what is covered by a policy and what is not. For example, a home that suffers water damage from a flood may be looted by thieves, and homeowners would be eligible to claim the loss of their personal property that was stolen, but not structural damage. This is because the items were taken as a result of water damage, but the home was damaged because of a flood, so flood insurance would need to have been purchased. Natural weather disasters seem to be occurring with increasing frequency today, so homeowners must take the proper steps to protect their homes. Insurance policies can be complex, so choosing the best plan with good coverage is key. Water damage has the potential to do great financial damage if a homeowner is uninsured.

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