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Pomona, California has experienced its fair share of extreme weather conditions. Any property owner needs to be aware of the risks that come with having real estate within the area. One of the major risks has to do with hurricanes and flooding during the wet seasons. It is important that these owners do not ignore even the smallest signs of water-related damage within any commercial or residential building. This is because such damage has been known to cause major complications when ignored.

In Pomona water damage comes in many forms. It may be in form of leakages and burst pipes, or also from flooding. Irrespective of the forms it assumes, it must be addressed. One of the major complications that arise from water-related damage is the growth of mold. These organisms do love dark and damp conditions where they thrive. The problem with mold though, is that they produce dangerous spores that have severe health implications for tenants. It is therefore a property owner’s moral obligation to prevent this from happening.

When there is unwanted, water coming in from the outside, chances are that it will be carrying toxins from the local sewers. This water has a foul smell and is very capable of causing serious epidemics that can result in the loss of life in extreme cases. If a building owner’s commercial property has this kind of problem, professional experts must be called before tenants attempt to take any action.

Damage from flooding has also been known to damage the structure within commercial buildings. Given enough time, and in the right conditions, water can cause cracks; it can also cause weakening in the foundations of the building and even make the whole building finally topple. No insurance company will pay out for damage resulting from ignorance and carelessness. Commercial buildings must therefore be inspected for water-related damage periodically, and when necessary, to avoid such a huge economical losses.

For any property owner with tenants who are responsible for driving the economy, damage to his or her buildings will also have social repercussions. This is especially true if the buildings in questions become inhabitable. With no more money coming in the local community, households will have to do with a lower income or no income at all, resulting in frustrations and breakdown of some of these homes. Additionally, some will sink into downright poverty resulting in a rise in criminal activity. Commercial building owners must therefore be careful about addressing the water-related damage within their property to avoid all its negative implications.

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