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The Flood Fighters Water The health concerns of Gardena water damage

Water damage to your home in Gardena can be a major life and health hazard that must be addressed immediately and thoroughly, and may be best done by professionals well-versed in the Gardena water damage control field.

The health hazards of water damage and its aftermath carry tremendous risk to physical health and well being. The Environmental Protection Agency has guidelines for safety, and a main recommendation is to get everything dry immediately, as mold and microbiological growth can start to form in as little as just two days, and can affect not only the indoor surfaces of the home, but also the air quality may potentially be hazardous due to mold and germs. With the water damage, there is also the potential for bugs and germs brought in by the water.

Before entering the home, be sure that any electrical connections are off, and that there are no live cable or cord connections that could cause electrical shock. Soon after invading waters have subsided, microbiological growth and mold spores can take hold in the home not only in places easily seen, but also within walls, between floors and above the ceilings. Mud and debris must be cleaned out of the home, for water and the debris can sink into and onto every surface and within the materials of the home. In addition, it is wise to check for any broken or leaking pipes, as there may be pipe damage to the home that could cause further damage or health risks and may not be seen immediately.

Objects in the home that cannot be cleaned and disinfected must be removed as soon as possible due to the dangers of microbiological growth in or on such materials as curtains, rugs and carpets, mattresses, clothing, furniture, even cosmetics; not only movable objects can hold the germs, unseen areas including the actual walls themselves such as drywall, along with any insulation, that could harbor germs. With large amounts of mold found in a home, a professional service is be needed to do the clean up effectively and efficiently.

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