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Among the most used commodities in any Lakewood  home is water. This is used for cleaning, cooking, irrigation and the like. It is among the must have commodities in a home because without it, most chores are bound to come to a stand still. It is based on this reason that there should be a continuous flow of water in a home. But having this on mind, remember the saying that too much of something is poisonous. It is no different when it comes to water. A lot of water (especially if not well stored) can be disastrous not only to one’s property but to their health as well.

Water damage can be a hazard to one’s health in the following ways;
1. Water borne diseases. There are bacteria that multiply in water. These cause diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid and many others. These kinds of diseases are transmitted once one comes into contact with contaminated water by either, ingesting or cleaning.

2. Water is also a breeding ground for such insects such as mosquitoes. These insects cause malaria when they bite their victims.

3. Once a home has water damage, the residents are at the risk of suffering from the effects of mold. Mold is an organism that grows on substances that are dump e.g. walls, clothes and even on furniture. Mold releases pathogens that are known to cause respiratory diseases say like asthma. It also releases irritants and allergens that have symptoms of headaches and skin rashes.

When one is faced with the above conditions, they become less productive in that they are not in a position to work, and in case they do, they cannot do as much as they would have otherwise done had they been healthy. More to this, they have to add more medical bills on their budgets, this way foregoing other important things.

Thanks to the concerned parties in Lakewood, one can now get lessons on the prevention of water damage as well as what to do if it occurs. Among the things that can be done to prevent water damage from posing as a health hazard are; treatment of water before use at home- luckily, in Lakewood, one can get water purifiers at many stores, cleaning mold infected surfaces- this should be done with protective gear on and lastly all leaking pipes should be repaired. Apply the given measures and live healthy.

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